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hello there, stranger-who-happens-to-be-reading-my-profile. i'm not too good at talking about myself, but here it goes!

i like anime and manga, my favorites being ouran high school host club, axis powers hetalia, death note, dramacon, fruits basket, inuyasha, rurouni kenshin, black cat, durarara!!, princess tutu, yotsuba&! and victorian romance emma. i love to read books of all kinds and to list every book i've read and liked would be too hard but i can easily say my top two favorite book series would have to be harry potter and the weetzie bat series. i like to write fanfiction, and my link is in my bio page. i write original stuff as well. a dream of mine is to be a published writer, a teacher and living in boston, although not in that particular order. i'd keep a writing livejournal if i wasn't so shy. i love talking to people so if you, stranger-who-is-happening-to-read-my-profile, want to talk go ahead and private message me.

i don't use DW very much as i'm still very attached to my LJ but i'll do my best to be active.

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10th kingdom, abusing emoticons, acting, alternative music, anberlin, animals, anime, anime conventions, art, astrology, axis powers hetalia, battlestar galactica, being random, being sentimental, being in love with a fairytale, black cat, books, boston clam chowder, bunnies, burberry, burn notice, candy, cats, charlie bone, chinese food, chocolate, coldplay, colors, cookie dough, cosplay, daydreaming, death note, derp, dogs, dollhouse, dramacon, drawing, durarara, emilie autumn, eon, eon: dragoneye reborn, faeries, family, fanfiction, fantasy, fleet foxes, foreign culture, foxes, fraiser, friends, frilly tutus, fruits basket, full metal alchemist, gay marriage, genderbent characters, glbt, glitter, good fanart, good omens, gryffindor, haircurls, harry fucking potter, harry potter, hayao miyazaki, head trip, hinbn, hipster landscape pictures, howl's moving castle, hufflepuff, i don't know anymore, icons, idk my bff jill?, internet, inuyasha, italiaaaaa, italy, j.k. rowling, jacaranda trees, janelle monae, kyle xy, latviaaaaa, lol, lolita, look! something shiny, love, magic, making up curse words, manga, matt kearney, mumford and sons, music, my neighbor totoro, neopets, never unseeing it, night school, novels, office supplies, ouran, pandora radio, paranormal, parks and recreation, poetry, pop magic realism, pop music, princess tutu, protector of the small, purple, pushing daisies, quidditch, random moments in school, random quacking, rare pairings, ravenclaw, reading, robin hood: men in tights, rurouni kenshin, same sex marriage, sfeer theory, singing, slice of life, slices of clouds, slices of pie, slinkster cool, solving problems with dance, solving problems with pasta, song of the lioness, sons of anarchy, spanish, sparkle, spending hours on tvtropes, spirited away, star trek, sweeney todd, tamora pierce, the 10th kingdom, the sims 2, the sky, the tenth kingdom, tolerance, webcomics, weetzie bat, werewolves, where's my hogwarts letter?, wicked lovely, witches, wizards, writing, wtf moments, wut, xkcd, xlormp, yaoi, yotsuba&!, youtube, yuri, yuu yuu hakusho,
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